Salina Residences & Villas

The word Salina comes from the Latin word salis (salt) and has the same meaning (salt pan) in 5 different languages ​​English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It is one of the few words that conveys meaning in so many languages, whether in some languages it is also a popular female name.

During the previous centuries in the areas where Salina Spa Villas & Residences are located, it is said that two of the primary salt pans (place of salt production) of Thessaly operated. In fact, Volos’ suburb where Salina SPA Villas is located is still called ‘Alykes’ which means salinas/salt pans in greek.

What is more, during ancient Greek times, the area where Salina Residences & Villas is located is said that it was not a salt pan but was into the water and part of the port of ancient Iolkos city, from which the Argonauts and Jason began their famous mythical journey with Argo.

Our philosophy

Selina Residences & Spa Villas

Salina Residences & Villas was designed and implemented with modern aesthetics, the best construction standards and with love and care for every single corner. We are targeting to combine the modern facilities and hospitality services with the Greek hospitality values ​​and traditions. Our aim is to provide you with a stay that makes you feel cozy and warm. We strongly believe that at Salina Residences & Villas we will fully satisfy all these targets and make you feel at home!

For us, hospitality and communication are in our DNA and are the essence of what we stand for.

Sustainability & Renewable Energy consumption

Salinas have been from the ancient times important places, since salt is a key element of human diet. Equally basic is the home for all humans. So we thought of “uniting” somehow these two basic and integral elements of all people’s life, and building with love and care our “salty” homes, the Salina Residences &Villas in Volos and Alykes.

What excited us is the fact that the salt pan areas are, in their majority, examples of sustainable production, since they do not burden the environment and operate with natural materials (sun, sea).

With this Philosophy we wanted to build the rental apartments of Salina Residences & Salina SPA Villas, based on the principles of sustainability and green growth.

For this reason, only renewable energy sources (solar energy / photovoltaic) and minimal burden energy sources (natural gas) are used for their operation.

What is more, their buildings have been constructed with the aim of minimizing their environmental footprint and have the lowest possible energy consumption.

For this purpose, a special thermal insulation shell has been constructed around the buildings, combined with special energy frames/windows and based on the whole philosophy of green construction. All this classify Salina Residences  & Villas in category A+ on the energy class of real estate buildings, based on the relevant European standards.